A note from a teacher after attending this seminar – 
“I had to write to thank you again for the most amazing, eye-opening, relevant, and useful seminar I have attended in 17 years of teaching!” (see “What Teachers are Saying” at the bottom of this page)

Winter Warmup: CI with Content-Based Storytelling 
Two-day Professional Development Retreat

Seminar Presenter – Janice Holter Kittok

Two-day seminar for K-12 World Language Teachers
Back by popular demand – Addressing global competency
Comprehensible Input ~ 90% Target Language ~ Culture

DATES: February 22-23, 2018
LOCATION: Minneapolis, MN (Country Inn & Suites, MOA)
TIME: 8:30AM – 4PM each day
CEU: Certificate for 15 Continuing Education Units

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What will teachers learn and experience ?
This seminar demonstrates and teaches you how to stay 90% in the target language, engage all learners, and teach meaningful cultural content. These are the standards set by today’s profession but where can you learn HOW to do these things? Help is here! Instead of burning out, fuel the flames of renewed energy by attending Winter Warmup: CI and Content-Based Storytelling. Every strategy is modeled by a master teacher followed by step-by-step explanations so teachers can immediately adapt ideas to their own classroom.

Why a professional development retreat?
Allow yourself space in a place where you can reflect on the science of learning and the art of teaching. Optimal learning takes place in a comfortable environment removed from the daily stress of the classroom. A retreat sets the stage for openness to new ideas and creative flow.  Wear comfy clothes. If possible, spend the night to relax, reflect, journal, create or socialize. The workshop will run from 8:30 – 4:00 each day.

What is CI?
Comprehensible Input is the understanding what you hear and read, the key to language acquisition.

What is Content-Based Storytelling?
Content-Based Storytelling (CBS), created by the workshop presenter, is a combination of strategies to teach cultural knowledge while staying in the target language (geography, history, biography, current events, legends, literature…).  CBS combines strategies from CI, Content-Based Instruction, Sheltered Content Instruction, Immersion, TPR, Natural Approach and TPRS. Teachers of any grade, level or language can use these strategies immediately.

You will learn how to:
–Stay in the target language AND be understood
–Design Comprehensible Input (CI) lessons
–Create the environment that encourages student output
–Put cultural knowledge at the very heart of your curriculum
–Teach grammar in a natural, whole language context

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Bring Training to Your Area

Professional Development in Inspirational Settings

Professional Development in Inspirational Settings

  • Training events are held throughout the year.
  • Follow on Facebook  or Twitter to be alerted when new events are scheduled.
  • Contact Jan to bring inservice training or an offsite retreat to your area.  A minimum of 10 participants is needed for the best individual pricing. Smaller schools collaborate with neighbors to plan a joint event.  Book for summer or the school year.


“Your presentations were inspirational and informative, relevant and useful.  Your presentation skills are world-classYour workshops were well prepared, exposing us to a range of research, strategies and ideasYour enthusiasm was boundless and you are a wonderfully talented entertainerYou made us laugh, you made us think and you made us learn some Swedish!”
Association of Chinese and Mongolian International Schools

What teachers are saying:

  • “Thank you. You changed my life.”
  • “You have given me so many tools and inspirations that I have known were missing.  I just didn’t know where to get them.”
  • “Keep inspiring us. You are amazing and unforgettable. Thank you for changing my career!”
  • “I can now actually teach in the target language.”
  • “This is the best training/professional development I have ever had.”
  • “I loved the small setting instead of a ballroom of hundreds.”
  • “I loved every minute of it! The way you modeled providing comprehensible input was very useful and inspirational!”
  • “I’ve heard of some of these things before, but now I think I can DO IT!
  • “I have tried TPRS, but the kids get tired of wacky stories & want some real content.”
  • “I’ve heard of  and seen story-based teaching, but now I have a fuller understanding of HOW to do it and even HOW to follow it up or springboard off of it.”
  • “I love the ideas for teaching content in the target language.  I adore teaching culture but I don’t do it often because I was just focused on teaching the language.”
  • “WOW!  You have given us permission and the resources to change the world!”
  • “Jan is the best workshop presenter ever!”
  • “I learn best by having these techniques modeled and this just wasn’t done enough in my licensure prep classes.”

Contact Jan to bring an inservice to your school/city.

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