#3 Step-by-Step Advanced Teacher Training

Content-Based Storytelling
Step-by-Step Advanced Teacher Training
Third in the professional development series

An ideal staff development scenario is to schedule Workshop #1 (Rethinking HOW We Teach) and Workshop #2 (Rethinking WHAT We Teach) together and Workshop #3 at least a month later.  When teachers experience the first two workshops, they leave with a whole new mindset about language learning.  They need time to try out the new strategies in their own classrooms. Research shows that ongoing professional development with support is the most effective way to learn new skills, refine techniques and make change that impacts student achievement.

The Advanced Teacher Training continues work on staying in the target language while teaching content – the knowledge base that students need to understand the world and how it works using Content-Based Instruction (CBI) and Content-Based Storytelling (CBS).

What will teachers learn during Advance Training?

The follow-up workshop day will be tailored to address specific areas of need requested after teachers have been using the techniques in real classroom situations.

Frequently requested topics:

  • Designing units using stories and other comprehensible input strategies as the format with content knowledge and language skills as outcomes: planning instruction, delivering instruction, assessing student learning
  • Rethinking the scope and sequence of language courses to reflect the natural language acquisition and skill development processes
  • Developing communicative fluency by emphasizing high-frequency vocabulary and structures
  • Compare writing stories for telling vs. stories for reading
  • Interactive Mini Lecture (IML) – a strategy to teach topics like geographical facts, the sequence of historical events, biographical information, diverse perspectives of a social issue, etc.
  • Creating balances between social language and academic language, fiction and nonfiction
  • Begin exploring an articulated sequence of language proficiency outcomes and cultural knowledge

Contact Jan to bring an inservice to your school/city.