#4 Building Units, Courses and Programs for Content-Based Storytelling

This inservice is designed for teachers with at least a basic understanding of teaching with Comprehensible Input (CI) and Content-Based Storytelling (CBS) or Content-Based Instruction (CBI).

The mountaintop of professional development – teachers are empowered to let go of a reliance on the textbook publisher to make curricular decisions to making those professional decisions themselves.  The new curriculum will reflect students’ interests, what students need in a global era and what teachers are passionate about teaching. Students will develop language proficiency skills and be more knowledgeable for global citizenship!

imagesCollaborative Reflection

  • Use the backwards planning process to describe program exit learning targets
  • Use the backwards planning process to describe learning targets for each previous course

Learn from Planning Tools

  • Walk through several national documents to glean information from National Standards for Foreign Language Learning, Global Competency and Skills for 21st Century Learners
  • Is there alignment with the drafted learning targets?  If there are gaps, how can they be filled?


  • What are possible units of study for each course? How might students demonstrate their content knowledge?
  • What language skills are needed to perform the tasks for each unit?


  • What are we doing already that can fit into the new curriculum?
  • What needs to be created?  Who will create it?  When?  How?
  • What will we still need to implement the curriculum with fidelity?

Contact Jan to bring an inservice to your school/city.