A message from Jan

Dear Educator,

Welcome to Educator in Service!

After nearly three decades in K-12 classrooms, I founded Educator in Service so that other teachers will find the same success and sense of fulfillment that I have found in the language education profession.

My mission for Educator in Service is to empower good language teachers like yourself to become great language teachers.  I believe that educators empowered with knowledge, skills, and resources in a supportive environment transform good programs into great ones.  Students from great programs not only develop high language proficiencies but also acquire the knowledge and habits of mind to thrive as global citizens.  Educator in Service teaches you how to achieve both of these goals in your classroom.  Whether you teach beginning or advanced levels, elementary or secondary students, and no matter which language you teach – you and your program can go from good to greatLearn how to go beyond current definitions of what’s possible to create new possibilities in your language classroom.

I invite you to browse the workshop page to learn details about the series of training sessions that can be brought to your school district or region.  If you have attended one of my conference sessions or workshops, see how your whole department or area colleagues can have the same experience.  Send me a message that you are interested.  We’ll figure out how to make it happen.

Founder, Educator in Service, LLC
(612) 201–2788

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