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Una mujer misteriosa

Download free pdf file  MujerMisteriosa, written by Janice Holter Kittok.  It’s the Virgen de Guadalupe story adapted for novice-level Spanish learners. Knowing the story behind this Latino icon gives students insights into cultural products, practices and perspectives.

Model Thematic Unit
Download free pdf file Los maya y el norte, one of Jan Kittok’s graduate projects, was selected as a model unit by the Minnesota Articulation Project, Center for Advanced Research in Language Acquisition (CARLA).  The unit’s goal is for students to gain the background knowledge to understand the poignant setting, events and cultural references of the film.

Miraflores on TeachersPayTeachers

Miraflores was founded by Eva Neisser Echenberg out of her own frustration in not finding cultural materials for her students.  Thematic units for teaching culture in Spanish and French classes.  Download dozens of ready-to-use lessons for Levels 1 – 4.  Teach culture in the target language written at your students’ comprehension level.